Orleans ON Montessori“Hopefully, you know that we have appreciated all you have done for our family and most especially for Philippe. Thanks to you and your staff we have been able to give him as much opportunity as we provided for Eleonore and Julien. The gift of having familiar staff is priceless.”
~ Leslie and Robert

“I would very highly recommend Orchardview Montessori to any parents who are looking for a preschool for their children. My son Abraham has been at Orchardview since he was three years old. We could not be any happier with his development. In the past two years he has become more confident, independent and knowledgeable about the world around him. Even more importantly I’m very happy with the teachers and staff. I feel that they truly know, care and love my child. I believe Orchardview is an excellent school that gives children a great start in life.”
~ Claudia

“Our daughter Taya was a difficult client – the first day she screamed, she refused to wear the school’s uniform, the whole bit. But after just a couple of days, she wouldn’t come home with us! The open atmosphere enabled the older children to help Taya feel at home, and they helped the staff let her enjoy Montessori. Taya has since outgrown Yenufa and her staff’s care, but every time we drive by, Taya points and yells to us ‘my school!’ “
~ Grant

“I have truly enjoyed having my daughter enrolled at Orchardview. She has developed in all aspects of her development because of its program and the school’s caring staff. Upon entering the environment we have always felt like it is Anna’s second home.”

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